Podcast Consumer 2019 and Podcast Distribution

Reasons people don’t listen to podcasts

Tonight we recap and review the Podcast Consumer 2019 report from Triton Digital and Edison Research.  These are the same folks that put out the popular Infinite Dial report. As usual, the numbers continue to move in the right direction and the market for consumers is growing. 

There were some other really interesting numbers about how we listen to podcasts, why we listen to podcasts, how we discover podcasts, and what is holding people back. 

It's a very comprehensive report and presentation that we encourage you to check out. 

We also take a quick look at some stories out of the Podcast Business Journal about YouTube being the number 1 place for podcast consumption.  Tom feels vindicated, Mathew still has his reservations based on this follow-up piece. 

If you use YouTube or have thoughts on people consuming podcasts on their platform, or anything else in the show, reach out. You can post in the Facebook Group or email us directly mathew@thepodcastconsultant.com.

And as an extra bonus, here’s a link to Tom’s first YouTube specific video How to Make Your Podcasts Sound Better with the Vocal Rider Plugin by Waves [TUTORIAL + DEMO]


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