Choosing a Podcast Host

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It's one of the most common questions asked within the podcasting community.  Where should I host my show.  Tom and Mathew explore all the options and give some sage wisdom.  The underlying themes are, choose a top tier podcast host. A company that does podcast hosting first and foremost. It will be worth the small investment to pay for monthly hosting from a reputable solid company. Also, don’t overthink it, pick one and get started. You can always change it later if you have to.

Preferred* podcast hosting companies include:

Podcast Me Anything Get Vokl Chat EP4 Podcast Hosting.jpg

Also, we’ve been having a lot of fun recording this show using the GetVokl platform. After we stopped the recording we kept the room open and chatted with some new friends, and some old ones. Here’s a show of Tom, Mathew, Emily Prokop and John Bukenas fitching about podcast production work. Join us next time!

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